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Reviewing the ‘Perfect Webinar’ [Video]

Developing the Perfect Webinar Script

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Summary for The Perfect Webinar

  • Credibility: Excellent.
  • Product Quality: Excellent.
  • Promotional Materials: Excellent.
  • Site Looks: Excellent
  • Affiliate/Member Support: Excellent.
  • Longevity of the Offer or the Vendor
  • From Beginners to Seasoned Pros

Criteria Source APSense, A Social Business Network – Free to Join.

Hey, my name is Russell Brunson

  • I’m here to provide you with something that I call “The Perfect Webinar”.
  • This is my structure and my course for how to develop webinars that sell.
  • I want to inform you of the backstory about how it was established …
  • This is NOT something that I just comprised one day, and hoped that it would work,.
  • I spent OVER 15 years screening and improving this script for you!

15 years previously, I was invited to speak at my first event …

  • I fidgeted … but I was rather sure that I may model what I had in fact seen a the event I saw earlier … and so I reacted with a delighted … YES!
  • Without doing any main training ahead of time, I presumed that it could not be THAT hard … right?
  • It seemed like I had a WAY much better product than the other speakers I heard a number of weeks earlier …
  • and if I could WOW the audience with simply just how much I comprehended …
  • Then they’d make certain to purchase my purchase …?
  • I assemble my BEST item … I called my shot … AKA, trying to find out simply how much $$$ I was going to make from my really first presentation

My Worst Nightmare Came True …

  • I stood on stage … Delivered my BEST stuff …
  • I made my deal … And then, in what was among the
  • most embarrassing minutes of my entrepreneurial profession
  • occurred on stage for everybody to see …

But NOBODY moved.

Learn How Russell Grew

  • From that First event experience to Successfully Sell Everything From Courses To Coaching To Software To Supplements, and More!
  • a New York Times Bestselling Author),.
  • Popularized the principle of sales funnels,  and
  • co-founded the software service called ClickFunnels.
  • To Sell Virtually ANY Product or Service (Even to Cold Audiences!).
  • Read how Russell fixed his Speaking Problems, and. went From $0 In Sales …
  • To Becoming The # 1 Highest Paid Speaker In The World …
  • ( And Setting A Record For The MOST SALES From Stage … EVER!).
  • Why He Quit and took his lessons from Stage presentations to Webinars.
  • A Webinar Presentation is similar to offering from the stage
  • nevertheless there were a couple of tweaks that were needed to make the conversation perfect for offering online.
  • Over the next 5 years, he did over 160+ live Webinars, and throughout that time,
  • he PERFECTED what he now calls ‘Perfect Webinar Script’

Register NOW for This Super Simple Webinar Framework!”.

  • Learn the ‘Perfect Webinar’ script that they use to successfully sell everything online (from coaching to courses to software…and more!)
  • This is the SAME script Russell Brunson (co-founder of ClickFunnels) always uses every time he has a presentation, whether it is a webinar, or speaking from the stage…so he literally practices what he preaches!
  • It’s the SAME script that has helped generate MILLIONS for ClickFunnels…(I can’t even fathom how many sales it has generated for entrepreneurs across the world who use it!)
BONUS #1 – The ‘Perfect Webinar’ TRAINING
Russell Brunson walks you through step-by-step how To USE The ‘Perfect Webinar’ script inside your business
BONUS #2 – The ‘Funnel Frameworks’ TRAINING
Learn how to teach your frameworks, and tell your stories in a way that gets people to MOVE!
BONUS #3 – The ‘Perfect Webinar’ In ACTION!
Watch video recordings of Russell Brunson executing on the ‘Perfect Webinar’ script, so you can see it in action over and over again…and model it for your business!
BONUS #4 – The ‘Perfect Webinar’ Funnel

Learn how to actually BUILD out your own “Perfect Webinar” funnel…AND, they’re throwing in 7 PRE BUILT funnels that you can use!

If you actually IMPLEMENT even a fraction of the GOLD that is inside this offer…imagine what it could do for your sales!

YES! I Want Instant Access To Perfect Webinar Secrets.

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Dr. Don Yates Sr Ph.D.

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