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Sokule Powerhouse Advertising Review Bonus

Sokule Advertising Solutions

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Good Day Friend

Dr. Don Yates, Sr. PhD.

As many of you know, I have been helping others online since 2004 investigating and reporting Internet Crimes and Scams; as Well as Biz Ops, Make Money Online, and Work From Home Opportunities.

Meet the Sokule team…

  • I first met the Sokule Team, 2009-2010 when I joined at the Founder Level
  • Jane Mark and Phil Basten have been helping people succeed on the net for the past 13 years.
  • They have developed some of the most innovative websites and
  • scripts on the net including a list building management system,

Phil Basten

  • His favorite phrase is. “We develop the marketing tools others copy.”
  • He was involved in the advertising agency industry, in Australia,
  • for more than 25 years working for such prestigious companies as
  • Ogilvy & Mather, Fortune Advertising, and Leo Burnett as a concept creator/ copywriter.

 Jane Mark, New York, NY. President, JAM Marketing Inc., Sokule Inc.,
Co-Owner JPE Advertising.

  • Jane is a pocket dynamo who has a typical New York attitude.
  • “Don’t tell me how hard it is or how much effort it will take, get it done.”
  • She writes the creative ads that give the business its zing!
  • She is all hands on deck all the time.
  • To Jane, every client, large or small, is treated like a VIP.

Summary for ‘Sokule Advertising Solutions’

  • Credibility: Excellent
  • Product Quality: Excellent
  • Promotional Materials: Excellent
  • Site Looks: Excellent
  • Affiliate/Member Support: Excellent

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Sokule Advertising Solutions

  • What follows is a large sampling of Sokule’ Innovative Products
  • Most are FREE to Join
  • You can earn even as a Free Member
  • Of course, potential earnings and marketing benefits
  • increases with you level of membership
  • Do Your Own Due Dillenge

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  • What’s An ITSY LINX?
  • It’s a Powerful Link Shrinker.
  • It’s a Quality Solo Ad Mailer.
  • It’s a Top-Notch List Builder.
  • It’s a First-Class Advertising Platform.

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  • ​Kule Blaster helps your ads get noticed
  • At the top of this page, you will see our stunning Carousel Feature Ads.
  • They are different. They are powerful.
  • They are snapshots of your website and
  • they compel people to look at them.

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A ping tells the search engines or blogs that you just submitted some important information. It tells these sites…

  • Where your website is.
  • That new content is available.
  • That you want them to crawl your site and index it.
  • That it is something that will interest their users.

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  • Now submitting your website is easier than ever…
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At last. A traffic site that delivers real people with real buying power using 3 powerful systems!

  • A headline mailer that writes your subject lines for you.
  • A Crazy Climber ads system that forces your sites into the top 10.
  • Plus a Jackpot Points system that keeps your sites in the top 10.

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  • Never-ending traffic is affordable, quality, targeted traffic
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  • Our networks receive millions of visitors each month and
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  • Finally, There’s a Simple Way To Generate Oodles of Traffic,
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  • One Link is all YOU need
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  • Our Clients also want to Promote their own sites at the same time.

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  • You can advertise any website URL.
  • You can gain lots of views from other user’s promotions.
  • You gain access to a team mailer and a paid member solo ad mailer.
  • You can make bonuses and recurring payments

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  • Auto-mail your offers to 96,281 + active users.
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  • Give away unlimited free ad credits.
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  • Get your emails in front of 250,000 members in our network.
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  •  You can add an eye-catching grabber image to your emails.
  • This is automatic and super easy to do.
  • You can add these attention grabbers with a click of your mouse.
  •  Adding a grabber image compels people to take action and it makes your mailings unforgettable.
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  •  You can pay one time and mail forever, or you can use our easy flex-pay system.

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  • Words That Pay will show you what words to use to
  • increase your income anytime you need a cash flow boost.
  • You’ll find out how to target people who want to buy
  • what you are selling by using the right search terms and emotional buzz words.

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  • ​No one else can make you a unique offer like this.
  • One login, one HUGE mailer, one click, and you are done.
  • It doesn’t get any easier. Put your email marketing on steroids.
  • You can make sales daily.
  • Display your ads to a highly engaged audience all day, every day,
  • simply by clicking a button.
  • We call it the login, click, leave, marketing method
  • and it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

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Sokule ‘Bonus’ Sokens

As of Sunday, September 26, Sokule has given away or sold, 93,959,574,843 Sokens! Sokule auto builds a list for you.

  • This is where you can claim millions of Sokens (credits) that you can use to get more followers automatically.
  • Continue to grow that list on autopilot using advertising credits called sokens.
  • You can also see how much money you have earned,
  • how many users are following you, and
  • how many downline members you have personally sponsored.

Dr. Don’s Exclusive Sokens Bonus

  • You can join free or, you can choose paid membership Silver, Gold or Founder.
  • Top memberships give you more list members, more ways to reach those members, and
  • even more ways to make money.
FREE to JoinWatch for the discount upgrade offer as you sign up.

New members are entitled to my double Sokens Bonus

  • Email your receipt and new Sokule account details to drdony@drdonsprofits.com
  • Subject ‘Sokens Bonus’
  • Your Double Sokens Bonuses are manually transferred, first come – first served

New to Sokule – FREE to Join

Thanks for Reading ‘Sokule Advertising Solutions Bonus’

Dr. Don Yates Sr Ph.D.

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